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In the year 2120, Julia James, a quirky, unemployed quantum physicist and her friend and partner Georges are recruited by a major space and research agency to learn the secret of creating wormholes using alien technology that has been recently discovered on the far side of the moon.

An accident in the lab sends Jules into the 19th century, with seemingly no way to return to the 22nd century. She is befriended by an impoverished earl and fellow scientist named Reg, and she must convince him to help her return to her own time. Time is running out to reactivate the wormhole that brought her here before the portal closes forever.

The reactivation of the ancient alien technology has garnered the attention of three disparate groups of aliens from two galaxies. They are now all converging on Earth, each with their own agenda- some benevolent, others nefarious.

However, back in the past, Jules and Reg are struggling with obstacles much closer to home: including Reg’s overbearing sister, unruly servants, suspicious townsfolk, and the need to fabricate advanced technology using only 1859 materials. Not to mention their uncertain feelings for each other.


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