Storms of light
Pervert my dreary, thickening
Self-appointed night.

Many times I have been told
I hold the second sight
The third ubiquitous eye

First person and omnisciant
Both. All-seeing, all-knowing
Crystal bitch

Dread witch
Rain dance stick shaker
Eye of newt

Lizzard gizzard
Black cat bar room wench
The great son Osiris

Winks his disregard upon my
Trendy pastel sheets.
Stone castles, stoned brains

I will scream like a banshee
On green and amber plains
And try to take the world

In flames and play psychotic
Games in which my opponents
Are frequently unaware

We have begun. I will fly
Into the sun, with eyes of
Time and flaming red hair.

No one seems to have my flair
For the delicacy of revenge.
Like the Death card

I resurface, mock fear
Transform in the painful
Rebirth of dark metaphors

For I possess that power
And it grows like rampant wild lies
Exponentially on each and every hour.