Fly to me, valentine
You are the bridge of space and time
In clouds of warmer colors you appear like mild and ethereal
And in this winter of sacred sleep
My darkest blanket secrets keep you

We possess between us the Byzantine waste where
Each whisper, each touch, each new promise of ancient love
Resides immortal in the living stone of arches up above
In the mortal memories of each ageless sarcophagus below
And in the realm of brittle, yellowed kings
Are diamond sands that golden winds blow
Into furies of pretty charms and shiny rings
Through which we find the depth of religion
In subtle shades of black and jasmine

When I opened my window to the night you came
And with you the summer frost of moonshadows
Cast on closed eyes that
Continue to stare upward at the stars
My back against the last cool grasses of spring
Arms around the jet and radiance of sky
And in between the rush of lover’s breath on white skin

We fly now, inside this indissoluble embrace
To the virgin grounds of our sacred winter place
Where we are not one soul
But two, twined blossom to vine;
Where we live, not in each other’s hearts
But inseparable in the heart of god