You Are Here

Grab your shit and get it together-
Paper, beads, dust bunnies, crumbs, shoelaces-
Cuz nobody’s coming.
Hold it hold it up above your head,
Sweat drips and your knuckles are cramping
And that’s just
Too fucking bad.
Nobody’s coming.
The cracks, creaks, splits, shifts, spiders
The flooding, the burning, the permanent marker
The mail, the parent’s nite, the braces
The ever-fucking interminable dog pee-
You will hold it all up in the air.
You will slap on a band-aid.
Quick! Quick!
You will balance the broom stick and spinning plates,
Slice it and dice it,
Shine it up,
Cover it,
Kick it under the couch,
And do it all NOW
And at the end of the day
Nobody’s coming.