He swaggers over to us
Omnipotent and glistening with
The sweat of a hard-earned win

Tells us
Am Dr. Andrew Perry
The Pro

And we are impressed
To the point of adding
“The Honorable”

He promises to guide us
Through his world
Of serves and volleys
Of dives and faults

He cocks his boyish curls
Coquettishly to one side
As he asks, “So, you girls play often?”

And we say no, no we are
Mere beginners
Lacking the skill to even keep score

He extends his hand for us
To shake
Then the Good Doctor
Returns to the presumable
Ass-kicking of his unlucky opponent
Telling us that he is available
To assist
Every Saturday morning

As he returns, prowling, to the court
We watch in wonder
And Alison plans
My next wedding