in a black flap it stirs the air escapes once twisted in cruel knots barbed poison tips tore paths inside my heart now free it’s ragged wings slice the white clouds i breathe it snatches up the faint shimmers of the dying sun hangs black ribbons in my face that i claw at uselessly becomes […]

Quasimoto Writes a Personal Ad

Hark! There in the chapel- a frozen glint A sunny gleam. As unimpressive as it would seem… And yet within the sanctity of the tower belfry It shines like the sun to me. Its shape most pleasing to my eye. And even I on some occasions wonder why, But in most cases I will simply […]

The Cold Equations

Base 10 that’s what we use for the counter the magic integer flashes and strobes in subliminal bursts of rage and shame And I have once again been invited to this scam this sham this numbers game given a front row seat and to make my evening thoroughly complete I have myself been given a […]


swing your kitchen knife like a tiny serrated sabre and take yet another slice from this delicious pie of my unnoticed labor all the talents and tricks encircled in an imperfect crust for one for all take three or four if one is just too small five eighths six tenths just like Pi with a […]